Keeping Children Safe

Staff Directory

Relief Nursery Staff

Administration and Finance

Kelly Sutherland
Executive Director
541.343.9706 x 110

Celia Gowing
Director of Budget and Finance
541.485.0007 x 206

Dani Smith
Director of Administration and Human Resources
541.343.9706 x 108

Walt Letkiewicz
Grants Coordinator and CIS Manager
541.485.0007 x 204


Amy Beauchamp
Development and Volunteer Director
541.343.9706 x 109

Jennifer Solomon
Director of Philanthropy
541.485.0007 x 215

Kristen Bartels
Community Engagement Coordinator
541.343.9706 x 106

Cortney Roy
Events Coordinator
541.343.9706 x 107

Volunteers and Internships

Maggie Dorris
Volunteer and Internship Coordinator
541.343.9706 x 104

Programs & Services

Leslie Finlay
Director of Early Childhood Programs
541.343.9706 x 111

Ray Brown
Director, Outreach and Accessing Success
541.343.9706 x 114

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Our Mission:
Relief Nursery prevents the cycle of child abuse and neglect through early intervention that focuses on building successful and resilient children, strengthening parents, and preserving families.