Land Acknowledgment

We hold space on the ancestral lands of the Kalapuya people. We honor and pay respect to the past, present and future stewards of this land and all indigenous peoples who call Oregon home. We recognize that the people and communities that cared for, and lived on, these lands since the beginning of time are still here. We reflect on the displacement, forced removal, and suffering that took place throughout Oregon and beyond. We respectfully acknowledge all Indigenous communities throughout time and into the future and are grateful for their vibrant presence.

Spirit Mountain Grant Award Presentation

Jack Giffen –Tribal Councilman,
Val Hoyle –Oregon’s statewide Labor Commissioner,
Molly Henderson – Relief Nursery Peer Support Specialist,
Ray Brown –Program Director at Relief Nursery,
Mychal Cherry –Director of Marketing Spirit Mountain,
and Denise Harvey –Tribal Councilwoman