Run on the Relief Nursery Eugene Marathon 2021 Team

Relief Nursery has partnered with the 2021 Eugene Marathon, happening April 23-25th, 2021!

How it works: Register for our team here. Receive a code for your marathon registration from us. Instead of paying the registration fees, fundraise on behalf of Relief Nursery.

Ways you can be part of it:

1. Sign up to run on the Relief Nursery marathon team here. 

2. Volunteer at the event. Sign up here.

3. Support the Relief Nursery team or a specific team member with their fundraising efforts here.

“One of my core values is to listen to and live more from my heart. When I saw the opportunity to partner up with the Relief Nursery this year in fundraising in addition to running, my decision was made. I believe in building up individuals so they can in turn help others, and wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for the many helping hands that lifted me up when I needed it the most and continue to support me today.”

– Erin Lawrence, Chambers Construction

“I have been an avid runner for the past 8 years.  During this time I have ran many races accomplishing the goals I have set for myself including running a full marathon and several half marathons.  When I found out that I could fundraise for a local organization like the Relief Nursery, and run the Eugene Half Marathon, I was excited to get on board and contribute in any way possible.  Let’s do everything possible to help the kids and families in our communities have successful, safe, and healthy lives.”

-Jin Plummer, Columbia Bank

    Thank you for choosing to partner with Relief Nursery. We are extremely grateful for your help in providing our programs to local families in need!