Announcing The Winners of Lip Sync Battle V.irtual!


People’s Choice: Ladies of the Bank (Summit Bank)

People’s Choice Runner Up: UO Cheetah Girls

Judges’ Favs: Ladies of the Bank and UO Cheetah Girls

Best Costume and Most Funds Raised: Old Dominion

What kind of impact can you help make for Relief Nursery families? 

“I will say it very simply . . . Miss Paula and the Relief Nursery have saved our lives. 

My children are only four years old. They have seen far more than they should have. 

My kids and I have been homeless, hungry and oftentimes full of fear. 

Thanks to the support of the Relief Nursery, we have a home and some form of stability. It is difficult to explain. The services and support that the Relief Nursery provides goes one step further than any other form of helping in that they know us and they understand our needs. They know my children. Miss Paula has gone above and beyond for these kids to ensure they are safe and nurtured. She supports me and guides me well. The entire staff at Relief Nursery has placed gentle hands around our lives to help us bridge between turmoil and safety.” 

-Relief Nursery Parent.