Parenting Education

The Relief Nursery Parenting Education Program provides classes and home visits focused on up-to-date information about child development, parent-child relationship, and a variety of parenting strategies. 

Each family we serve has its own culture and values.  Our parenting educators provide individualized support that honors parents’ unique goals for themselves and their child.  Some of the topics that we explore with parents include:

  • Building a strong connection with your child

  • Supporting children’s learning and development

  • Preventing and responding to challenging behaviors         

  • Helping children through big feelings

  • Child-proofing your home and teaching your child about safety

  • Creating positive routines for bedtime, mealtime, etc.

Relief Nursery Parenting Education classes include:

  • Make Parenting a Pleasure
  • Circle of Security

Transportation, childcare, and a meal are provided.

Our parenting classes and supports are offered in both Spanish and English.