For Our Families

Resources/ Recursos

-Community Resource Guide (English)

-Community Resource Guide (Spanish)

Program Information/ Informacion Para Padres

-Parent Handbook (English)

-Parent Handbook (Spanish)

-2020-21 Calendar (English)

-2020-21 Calendar (Spanish)

-Emergency Action Plan (English)

-Emergency Action Plan (Spanish)

-Immunization Rates (English)

-Immunization Rates (Spanish)

EC CARES Transportation Calendar / Calendario de transporte de EC CARES

2020-21 Calendar

2021-22 Calendar

Additional Community Resources:


541-485-6513 or 800-281-2800

Call for information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week about domestic violence, referrals, safety planning, crisis intervention, access to shelter and support groups. If you would like to speak to an advocate in person call 484-6103 to make an appointment.

Rural program numbers: Junction City 541-998-3799, Cottage Grove 541-767-3879, Oakridge 541-782-2877

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White Bird Info Line –

541-342-HELP (4357)  or 800-422-7558

White Bird has been a comprehensive human service information & referral program in Lane County since 1987. It is available to all for referral to human services, with a focus on assistance to people with low incomes or special needs. Phone and walk-in assistance is available.

Click Here to link to White Bird Clinic.

Children & Adolescents Mental Health CRISIS RESPONSE PROGRAM –


The Crisis Response Program provides support and help to parents, foster parents, adoptive parents and other caregivers when their child is experiencing a mental health crisis. Crisis intervention services are provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, throughout Lane County.

Lane County Mental Health & Suicide Prevention Resources –
Click Here for a list of available resources.