Auxiliary Board

Auxiliary Board Mission

Relief Nursery’s Auxiliary Board supports the immediate and long term needs of families we serve through fundraising and volunteerism.

Auxiliary Board 

Ashley Mielenz, President
Danielle Thomas, Secretary
Heather Gabbert
Jennifer Gibson

Auxiliary Projects

Continuing Education Scholarships

The Auxiliary Board fundraises for and awards scholarships to Relief Nursery parents who are furthering their education by attending a university, community college or trade school.

Special Fundraising Projects

Auxiliary organizes fundraisers to benefit our family support fund, which directs one-time gifts to families who have an unexpected expense that would be harmful to their family situation if left unpaid, like a high utility bill, a flat tire, bus fare, document fees, etc. Fundraisers in recent years have included painting nights at Vino and Vango, Trivia Night, and Bowling Night at Lane 25.

If you’re interested in joining Auxiliary Board or would like more information, please contact Development and Volunteer Director Amy Beauchamp,