Healthy Families

A Healthy Way to Parent

Healthy Families is a voluntary family support and parent education home visiting program offered to families in Lane County who are pregnant or have recently given birth. Healthy Families focuses on strengthening the parent-child relationship to assure healthy child growth and development. Family Support Specialists support parents in cultivating and strengthening a nurturing, positive relationship with their baby at each visit. Home visits occur primarily in the family’s home and will last at least one hour. Visits are family-centered and strength-based and focus on establishing a trusting relationship, assisting in strengthening parent/child attachment and relationships, improving the family support system and increasing the family’s ability to problem solve. Parents receive information on topics such as child development, infant care and keeping their baby healthy.

Services provided by Family Support Specialists include:

  • In-Home Parent Education and Support
  • Child Development Tracking
  • Child Safety Monitoring
  • Crisis Response
  • Referrals to Services in the Community

Healthy Families is a collaboration with Lane County Family and Child Health (formerly Maternal Health). Families interested in joining the Healthy Families Program may contact Lane County Family and Child Health at (541) 682-8720 or by visiting the Lane County website and filling out the form here.