Board of Directors

An essential element in the success of the Relief Nursery is the unique private/public venture with leadership from local businesses and other community leaders. Relief Nursery’s Board of Directors, Board of Stewards, Leadership Board and Auxiliary Board include a broad range of individual and community partners from the business, legal, judicial, educational, political and private sectors.


Jim Walsh, President
Jenny Bennett, Past President
Rory Robison, President Elect
Ralph Parshall, Vice President
Rodger Terrall, Treasurer
Melaney Grenz, Secretary
Kim Williams, Member at Large
Honorable Ann Aiken
James S. Anderson, Jr.
Ed Barclay
Pilar Bradshaw, MD
Holly Campbell
Howard Feinman
Shelly Fretwell
Dale Hartley
Leonora Hemphill
Erik Jensen
Susan Kauble
Don Lance
Robert Laney
Patty McConnell
Patsy Moser
Sagen Olson
Patty Perlow
Susan Roberts
Mark Rodewald
Beth Sheehan
Jami Sterling-Christopherson
Byron Trapp
Jenny Ulum
Juan Carlos Valle
Kitty Williams