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Accessing Success – Drug and Alcohol Recovery Support

Drug and Alcohol Recovery Support

Accessing Success is a recovery support program, integrated with all other Relief Nursery programs, for families with substance abuse issues. Accessing Success provides drug and alcohol intake services, counseling, parenting classes, peer support, childcare, transportation, and social skill activities to help parents achieve and maintain recovery.

A Peer Support team with alcohol and drug counselors, work with families, not only to support parents in the recovery process, but to help them learn how to become better and more effective parents. Accessing Success also provides:

  • Crisis Response
  • Counseling
  • Parent Education
  • Peer Counseling
  • Home Visits
  • Social Skills Activities
  • Parents for Recovery Support Group

Helping parents deal with their drug and alcohol issues is the first step on the road to better parenting.

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Relief Nursery prevents the cycle of child abuse and neglect through early intervention that focuses on building successful and resilient children, strengthening parents, and preserving families.